We are looking for wholesalers in Europe

As part of the Chameleon House Association we are looking forward extending our business across Europe and are looking for wholesaler partners. Please find our announcement after the fold.

The members of the Chameleon House Association have specialized in breeding exotic chameleons. Due to the vastly increased demand across Europe for quality chameleons originating from multiple generations of captive farm breeding, we are looking for wholesalers to sell our animals. Our breeding animals’ excellent health conditions are maintained by regular veterinary control including preventive treatment of parasitic diseases and fecal control also. Our chameleons are fed with controlled food animals with the majority of them originating from own breeding. The widely recognized US based Rep-Cal Research Labs’ products provide the necessary vitamins, mineral elements and trace elements for our farm.

For prices and stock information please contact us. The minimum required quantity is 30 pcs purchased at once to become eligible for the discounted wholesale prices. Conditions of delivery upon further agreement.

Mr Sándor Molnár and Mr Jenő Udvardy

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1 Response to We are looking for wholesalers in Europe

  1. Ulf Renstrom says:

    Hallo ! Saw your add , we are always interested in suppliers of cb herps. I have bought animals
    from you in Hamm. We will be there again in september , please mail list of camelions you can supply . Best regards Ulf Renström / Mölndal Zoo & Reptile , Sweden

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