I admire the flora and fauna of the tropics since my early childhood. The overwhelming variety of shapes and colors found there is only surpassed by the perfect harmony of their coexistence. That drove me into the curious world of the tropical mist forest, and started my journey to get to know the chameleons living there better. These animals are witnesses of ancient times in the African mountains, they lead a life which is essentially unchanged for more than 30 million years. I was impressed by their extravagant form and how they adapted to a life spent high above the ground in trees. The breeding of some of these species just begun a few years ago, but these difficulties just increased my interest.

We strive to build an environment faithful to their original habitation: instead of just using plastic plants, we grow tropical climbing plants and other epiphytes and decorate the terrariums with imported cork. Our efforts in providing a natural environment proved to be worthful and we experienced high reproduction in return.

We are breeding 7 species for 6 years, and many of them is in their 3rd generation. Here is the complete list:

Our current collection consists of 40 breeding animals of the above 7 species complete with subspecies and over 110 babies.

The majority of the breeding animals are held outside in the garden during the warm summer. They spend the rest of the year in environments lit by artificial UVA and UVB radiation. The chameleons are feeded with our own home breeded food animals with wild insects as an extra during the summer time. Every subadults older than 3 months are regularly checked for parasites. We feed them with Herptivite and Rep-Cal vitamines and mineral elements. The current state of the farm will be published and updated regularly on this website.

Jeno & Agnes Udvardy