Meet our chameleons at Esotika Perugia

We will be represented with a number of chameleon species at Esotika Perugia, the premiere reptile show in Perugia, Italy at 22-23 January 2011. If you are interested in buying any of the babies of our breeded species, please contact us in advance, so we can deliver the chameleons at the show.

We have babies of the following species:
Chameleon hoehnellii, Chameleon jacksonii var. xantholophus, Chameleon jacksonii var. willegensis, Chameleon montium, Chameleon pfefferii, Chameleon quadricornis, Chameleon rudis sternfeldii, Furcifer pardalis

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3 Responses to Meet our chameleons at Esotika Perugia

  1. iam alivestock technitian from BARAKA AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE and interested in chameleon farming which i wish to introduce it to the college in KENYA.first of all i would like to visit your farm to see what you are doing.inform me the way forward.thank you.

  2. manuel says:

    Buona sera sono Manuel,
    Ho letto ke sabato sarete alla fiera esotika a Perugia…ho visto ke avete molti camaleonti io sn un appassionato d qsti rettili e ne vorrei uno Micro…vi lascio il mio numero d cellulare se perfavor potete contattarmi ci mettiamo d accordo di quale camaleonte….0041792830162
    vi ringrazio anticipatamente manuel

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