ChameleonFarm will be up and running soon…

Welcome to the brand new site of ChameleonFarm.

ChameleonFarm started out as my sole source of entertainment, with a couple of Chameleons from the jungles of Madagascar and the mountains of Africa. With some 40 breeding animals and almost a hundred baby chameleons right now, it became more like a job throughout the years since we started in 2004.

This website will showcase the newborns and serve as a diary to collect our experiences which we gained during the many trial and errors. Also, we plan to sell animals here, so you will be able to continue the much-needed breeding and taking your part in preserving these wonderful creatures of the Nature.

The site is not ready yet, we are uploading content just as you read this. Please come back in a couple of days for the first real content.

Jeno & Agnes Udvardy

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